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Find your team, start your journey. 


Team GIRLAB is the fitness, health & wellness coaching branch of our organization. Our virtual women’s collective connects women through aligned goals, ranging from a common race date to improving mindset to tackling trails, and provides the structure, community and guidance to achieve them.**


We provide the training (customized to the shared goal), community chat space, facilitate ongoing conversations, and hold weekly team meetings on Zoom where we cover topics relevant to the group’s goals and answer individual questions on training and goals. These meetings also serve as an opportunity to connect with other athletes (aka, your teammates) on a regular basis. Team GIRLAB participants can add-on customized training specific to their individual goals and purchase 1-1 coach consults (held over Zoom or phone call). Season duration varies between 6 weeks and 6 months and seats are filled on a rolling basis, opening one month before the season begins. Enrollment is capped for each Team (numbers vary between 10- 30 participants), late entries will be accepted on a case-by-case basis provided there is space available.

We can accomplish great things alone, but we can achieve the near-impossible when we come together. Join Team GIRLAB, meet your new teammates, and get ready to unlock the potential within. 

**We offer custom solutions for pre-formed groups/teams, corporate events and races. Email to learn more.

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