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“I hope that women become stronger together. I hope women start celebrating each other more and that in turn the world follows.... women are the future.” -  Kristol C.

"I am a better runner because of GIRLAB. When I started running, I knew nothing about running form and I had zero running support and guidance. I also didn’t have many friends to run with. GIRLAB has provided all that for me." - Ani P.

"I wouldn’t trade my experience with GIRLAB for anything and I’ll tell you why. Being part of GirLAB gave me energy I didn’t know I needed, a platform to speak and to lead others that I didn’t know I wanted and an incredible network of inspiring and unforgettable women to connect to."  - Anonymous

“It's been a great experience working with such a diverse group of strong women towards a common shared goal and truly shows that there is no "cookie cutter" idea of what a runner is or should be. We are all passionate, strong and talented in so many different ways.”  - Amber M.


"My Coach meets me where I am. Not only does she help me to train to be race ready, also she supports me on those difficult days when I don’t feel like getting out the door. She has the right words to motivate you to give you the confidence that anything is possible because she’s there holding the space that makes it safe for me to open up and conquer my races or runs. She also understands that we all are different and have different personalities and running ambitions." - Gaby A.

“To me, GIRLAB is about so much more than running. It is community, friendship, sisterhood, womanhood,  support, inspiration, motivation, individuality, challenge and most importantly humanity.”  - Anonymous

"Cass is the ideal coach for me - she sets a well thought out plan for training, but is always there for me as a human over me as an athlete. When things go astray, as they do, I never feel embarrassed or ashamed to tell her because she's so flexible and caring. When things go to plan, I feel locked in and always well trained for what I am doing." - Jenna C.

"GIRLAB is always supportive whichever way my running plans go. Their wealth of knowledge of running is admirable and so helpful." - Anonymous

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