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Emma Krasovich


If there was one word I would use to describe myself it is “learner.” I love to learn about others and also myself, whether that be through running, travel and conversation, or in school because I feel that learning equates to growth of mind, body, spirit, understanding, and empathy.

When I didn’t make the high school soccer team, I found running and fell in love with trying to learn what my body and mind could do and how far I could push my limits. Now 16 years later, I am still running, and my relationship with running changes everyday - sometimes its competitive, sometimes its meditation, but most importantly, it has become about learning to listen to my body and giving myself grace. Having been diagnosed with multiple autoimmune diseases, I intimately aware of the importance of listening to my body as a way to stay physically and mentally healthy.

Beyond running, I’m also learning in school - I’m currently pursuing my PhD in Environment and Resources at Stanford University. I am deeply inspired and motivated by the indigenous concept that “the health of the land is the health of the people,” and I hope to use my research to help design environmental policy and land management practices that promote public health.

I also love to learn from my community. I am a strong believer in the power of uplifting others to effect change in myself and my community. Having survived a household filled with domestic violence as a child, I am deeply invested and passionate about supporting and empowering womxn in a variety of ways, such as through sport and mentorship, and GIRLAB has been my home for this since I joined three years ago.

In my free time, I run a trivia business with my husband (aeroTRIV), try to find excuses to spend as much time outdoors as possible, and love to bake new dessert recipes weekly.

Emma Krasovich
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