strength, yoga & mobility coaching

Chloe Sinclair

personal trainer & yoga teacher, GIRLAB Instructor

Virtual training is so personal you may even start to look FORWARD to working out. There's a reason why Chloe's clients claim training is "the best hour of the day". Chloe Sinclair specializes in lean muscle development, HIT/HVT, core strength and endurance training. She creates a space for everyone and believes training is for life, not for injury or aesthetic. That’s bullshit. Chloe will challenge you and inspire you. She believes training is not about changing ourselves, it's about discovering what we are already made of: power, strength, resilience. 


GIRLAB "LEVEL UP" Training Pack: All virtual training sessions are held via Zoom... bring any tools you have or just your own bodyweight. Before your first session, Chloe will schedule a 30 minute consult with you to discuss goals, schedule, injuries, etc. Questions? Email: