Rachel Rubanow

Rose City Fitness Founder and Lead Instructor

Rose City Fitness is a woman-owned boutique Pilates fusion studio based out of Portland, Oregon. RCF Pilates Fusion includes a mix of traditional/contemporary Pilates, with hints of functional strength and endurance training, cardio, TRX, and even a little Lagree sprinkled in. Cueing to help you master your form and gain body awareness in everything that you do is my specialty. My overall goal is to extend your athletic timeline with proprioception, proper breath and form. I aim to have my cues reciting in your brain outside of RCF classes as you continue to do all of the activities that you love, for as long as possible, with the best form possible. 


I remind you to listen to your body, with form first and challenges second, as a celebration of the ultimate privileges-health and movement. We move slow and with deep breaths to encourage attention to form and allow you to really resonate with what you’re feeling- getting to know your body better each step, hold and pulse along the way. 




Four free virtual full body mat classes are included within your Odyssey Season exclusively for GIRLAB Odyssey Season members via Zoom. Information for these classes will be emailed to you along with any props(and prop substitutions) that you may need. 


If you enjoy your session and would like to take Rose City Fitness zoom classes more often or would just like to show your support, you can follow @rosecityfitnesspdx on Instagram. 

Check the IG story every Sunday for the upcoming week’s virtual schedule. Virtual group classes range from full body mat classes, full body foam rolling classes and TRX fusion classes. Private sessions are available to help you fine tune, modify or tackle specific individual goals (pending schedule approval).


Feel free to reach out with any questions, injury mentions or just to say hey!