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GIRLAB is a women's running (inclusive of walking or run/walking) team. We welcome women of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, from all over the world. This virtual team is for women looking to train for a race or reach a goal while participating in a community of growth-minded, diverse and supportive individuals.

The cost for coaching is linked to the degree of communication with your coach - it ranges from $89/month to $249/month. All coaching services include personalized programming tailored to your goals and lifestyle, delivered via TrainingPeaks software. Each day of the week is strategically built and a typical week includes run workouts, strength training, cross-training and recovery suggestions, optimized to mesh with your schedule and the tools that are available to you (i.e. weights, gym, bodyweight workouts, etc.). All women training with GIRLAB have access to the GIRLAB community and receive first access to GIRLAB Summits and GIRLAB merchandise. 

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