What is GirLAB?


GIRLAB was founded to support and empower women of ALL ages, experience levels and backgrounds through running and meaningful action. We believe that this can set off a chain reaction of positivity that leads to women empowering not only themselves but others within the communities around them - women, men and younger generations. You don’t have to be the fastest, it’s not about pace, but the women of GIRLAB are performance-minded and seeking intentional growth.


The concept of evolution is at the core of everything we do; we created GIRLAB to be an ever-evolving force for positive change.  We think the acceptance of being in a perpetual state of growth allows for the vulnerability to confront weaknesses and address them so we can learn and apply skills to become a better athletes and world citizens. 

We launched GIRLAB in January of 2020 and have held 5 (virtual) seasons since; each one building on the collective energy and momentum from the last. We have welcomed 9 phenomenal mentors and coaches into our program and have expanded our offerings to include everything from Pilates and mobility to mental skills and book club. Most recently we've launched GIRLAB Summits, which are a fluid concept that encompasses everything from retreats to team races to community dinners. 

As we look forward into this ever-changing world, one thing we know for sure is that we can have a lasting, positive effect on the world if we set that intention. Small steps can become big movements. In addition to offering year-round virtual coaching, our next moves will include a team race in November in Malibu, CA, a team trail relay in LA in early 2023, and a relay from LA to Las Vegas in March. We release new Summits and offerings regularly so stay tuned!