For the past, the present, and the future generations.

For all women - past, present and future generations. We are here because, and for, you. Strong as individuals - collectively we are a force. If we want to change the game, it’s up to us to write new rules. 

GIRLAB was created to support women in empowering themselves and others, and simultaneously lend our platform to elevate the talents and voices of women within our community. We provide mentors, coaches, tools and more to support women in our community as they build towards their goals in running and beyond. 


We believe that this initiative can set off a chain reaction of positivity that leads to women empowering not only themselves but others within the communities around them - both present and future generations.


Small steps can become big movements when driven by a powerful purpose. Together, we are unstoppable.


“They say it takes a village to reach your goals, right? Well, GIRLAB is that village. We’re out here breaking down our own barriers, so that we can also break down barriers in sport, and everywhere else too.”


- Emma K. 

“To me, GIRLAB is about so much more than running. It is community, friendship, sisterhood, womanhood, support, inspiration, motivation, individuality, challenge and most importantly humanity.”  

- Ani P.

“It's been a great experience working with such a diverse group of strong women towards a common shared goal and truly shows that there is no "cookie cutter" idea of what a runner is or should be. We are all passionate, strong and talented in so many different ways.” 

- Amber M.

“Getting to run on a GIRLAB TSP team means creating the kind of trust and tribe with my teammates that only comes with doing crazy hard things. It means a balancing act of push and pull; pushing ourselves while pulling each other through the next step.”

- Jenna C. 


empowerment through movement. 

women's running.

women supporting women.